Patrol Number
Patrol Date
Patrol start
  09:05 am
Patrol End
  03:25 pm
Multi Day Trip

  • No

  Katy Wilson
Patroller 2
  Ted Lenzie
Any other patollers/members/persons.

First Last
Mark Guerrero

Patrol location
  Ralston Peak
Which Tone did you use?
  Tone X
What was the method of travel?

  • Ski / Splitboard / Snowshoe

What was the purpose of the function?

  • Patrol

Check actions you performed

  • Checked avalanche report morning of patrol
  • Checked weather morning of patrol
  • Discussed injuries/medical conditions
  • Discussed route decisions
  • D-BEST
  • Performed beacon check as a group

How full was the parking lot upon arrival?
  1/4 Full
Number of public people encountered?
Patrol details
  Toured to the summit of Ralston, skied the west face, toured back up to summit and skied back down the south ridge. There was evidence of a D2 avalanche in the east bowl of Ralston, near the ridge, likely caused by wind loading or a cornice fall during the storm on Monday 2/18. This is because evidence of this slide was spotted on a patrol of the same location on Sunday 2/17. It appears a trigger caused the original slide to propagate further and much bigger. The new break line is 2-6 feet tall. We also triggered large roller balls at lower elevations at the end of the day in low angle, southern terrain.
We encountered two skiers and two groups of snowshoers.
Post patrol safety reflection
  Would have possibly considered north or east bowl skiing if not for the huge red flag. A good moment of reflection.
Primary photo
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